This song was supposed to be a hit.  Between 2005 and 2008, there were multiple versions of "You Still Own Me" by multiple country artists.  Ty Herndon recorded a version that went nowhere.  John Berry had a version that went, well, nowhere.  At least Emerson Drive managed to take "You Still Own Me" somewhere.  But the song still fell short of their (and everyone else's expectations).  This song sounded like a hit to just about everyone on Music Row.  So, why wasn't it?

Emerson Drive released this song on the heels of their biggest hit, "Moments," which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Country Charts!  But "You Still Own Me" stalled out at #22.  I didn't get it then . . . and I don't get it now.  This song shoulda been a hit.  Instead, it was Emerson Drive's last Top 30 song and they slowly faded into country music obscurity.  It's yet another tale that in country music, just like the world of fashion, "One day you're in and the next . . . you're out."