I was listening to the my country playlist on my IPod the other day and came across some songs that I absolutely love.  Then, it occured to me, some of them weren't big hits at all.  In fact, some of them weren't even hits . . . but should have been.  And that got me thinking.  Hey, that would be a pretty cool column here at WBKR.com.  Songs that should have been hits, but weren't!  So, here's my first installment of the blog and my first "shoulda, woulda, coulda" song.  It's Shannon Lawson's "Goodbye on a Bad Day" from the CD, Chase the Sun!

Shannon Lawson released "Goodbye on a Bad Day" in 2002 and it only peaked at #28 on the Billboard Country Singles chart.  Personally, I don't get that at all.  The song is jam-packed full of everything we love in a country music ballad:  heartbreak, emotion and rage.  And, to top it all off, Shannon sings the crap out of it.  At the time of the song's release, Shannon was a proud member of Nashville's MuzikMafia and lots of those folks were having great chart success at artists and songwriters.  Somehow, this tune slipped through the cracks.  Shouldn't have though.  This should have been a hit.