You could argue that I should have chosen Julie Roberts debut single, "Break Down Here," for this column.  While that song put Roberts on the country music map, it topped out at mile marker #18 on the country charts.  Loved that song.  But I loved this one more.

"Men & Mascara" was the lead off single from Roberts' second CD, Men & Mascara.  The one thing I had noticed about Julie Roberts was that aspiring female country singers seemed to love her.  I know our WBKR midday gal adores 'Break Down Here" and it's even referenced in Jaclyn's song "The Women of Country."  Julie Roberts had a brief stay in country music, but she really did make a lasting impression . . . for whatever reason . . . on young ladies who liked her look, her style, and her voice.

In fact, another tri-state vocalist, Theresa Faye (of Henderson), who competed alongside Jaclyn in Season 4 of our Goldie's Survivor series, introduced me to THIS song . . . the lyrically-clever andsmoky-voiced ballad, "Men & Mascara."  I remember Theresa just killing this at her Survivor audition and I remember how much I loved the original version when I heard it.

So, why wasn't it a hit?  Couldn't tell ya!  In fact, it didn't even chart.  But, 6 years after its release (it was released to radio in 2006), I have some clarity.  The culprit is this AWFUL video.  Watch this thing!  The whole storyline unfolds at a Clinique counter, for crying out loud.  It's like The Stepford Wives Meet Merle Norman: The Musical.  Yes.  That sounds like an atrocious idea and it turned out to be.  I think this video derailed this song.

And, it's a mascara-running-crying shame!  Because "Men & Mascara" SHOULD have been a hit.