When Wynonna went solo in 1992, she didn't waste anytime aiming for the top spot on the Billboard country charts.  In fact, her first three singles, "She Is His Only Need." "I Saw the Light," and "No One Else on Earth" all hit #1.  After a series of additional Top Ten smashes, Wynonna finally hit #1 again, with 1996's "To Be Loved By You."  But who would have predicted then that particular song would be her last stint at number one and her last stint inside the Top Ten as well?  Many singles followed but each one fell short of "hit" status.  That was the case with 1997's "Come Some Rainy Day" from Wynonna's 4th solo album, The Other Side.  While it reached a respectable #14 on the country charts, the song SHOULDA been a hit.  Listen!

How good was that?  Written by Billy Kirsch and Bat McGrath, "Come Some Rainy Day" gave Wynonna all the necessary elements to truly showcase her vocal gift.  It is a song full of emotion, yearning and ache.  And, in her studio and live performances of it, Wynonna did what she does best.  She starts softly, builds to a powerful release of emotion, pulls back and then allows her voice to break and crack on just the right notes, letting you know that she feels each lyric exactly as it was intended.  Wynonna's a master singer and storyteller and this beautiful story . . . this 'Come Some Rainy Day" . . .  just shoulda been a hit.