This past Tuesday, my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary. The picture that my mom uploaded was great.  It was of their wedding day.  My father looking quite dapper in his grey tuxedo and bow tie and of course, my beautiful mother in her pink wedding dress. I cannot get over this picture.  I mean, just look at my dad and all the swagger he is laying out for everyone to see.  And look at Reba Mcent... I mean my mother, walking ever so softly through the leaves after the knot was tied.

Cheryl Wharff,








Here they are now.  25 years later.  Strong couple they are indeed.  Mom is about the same, she might have gotten a little shorter but other than that she's the same.  The top of dad's head took quite a tumble but he can still rock a smile and keep my mother happy.  This picture was taken at a session we had just a couple months ago after my mom's birthday.