Kip Moore sings, "Somethin' Bout A Truck."  I say, "There's Somethin' Bout A Caddy."  Thursday afternoon, I was on location at Don Moore on 54, going through some deals at the big tent sale.  David Moore asked me - If money wasn't an issue - what would be the car I would buy.  I didn't say Ferrari or Lamborghini or mention anything about a high end Audi.  I'm a Cadillac guy so I stuck to my guns and mentioned the new Cadillac ATS.  It's Cadillac's new small car with a lot of fury.  321 Ponies packed into a v6.

David ran inside for a moment and I was still outside checking out that Caddy.  Red Paint with black leather interior.  I see him in the window and he comes outside with a dealer license plate and the keys and told me to get in, fire it up and get going.  I told him that we might not have enough time to take it for a test drive.  Then I remembered the technology I had in my pocket.  The cell phone.  We called into the station and did the broadcast while on the test drive.  Of course I didn't use my phone while driving, I let David do the break.

After the broadcast was over we were still out getting a feel for the Caddy.  Admiring the revamped gauges, the heat sensitive volume buttons and the touch screen GPS system.  While all this was going on, I felt a vibration.  I thought, of course, I was getting a text message.  Wait... David has my phone, he just did the broadcast through the cell phone... what was that? Ding! The light bulb came on and I realized that I went over the yellow line a little bit and the left side of the seat vibrated to let me know I was about to crash.  So I eased over to the white line and sure enough the right side of the seat began vibrating to tell me that I was about to crash again.  I let David know of this amazing feature.  He quickly said quote, "Good thing the passenger seat doesn't vibrate because my wife would always be losing her mind."  Hilarious.

Getting back to the dealership didn't take too long.  Driving a car like that doesn't take a long time.  I had a challenge in front of me now, I had to back this car into its space up on a sidewalk between 2 other brand new, very expensive Cadillacs.  I popped it in reverse and the back up camera activated, letting me know the suggested path I reverse the car so I don't crash it.  The seat was really vibrating now and as I inched back to the wall the back part of my seat started vibrating.  I was getting an unpleasant massage as I put the car back where I found it.  The only unpleasant massage would be your chair vibrating just to tell you that you are about to really mess up.

Best remote ever.  I got to drive my favorite new Caddy and get a feel for a little car with a lot of power.