Earlier today, I posted a story about a study showing 21% of Americans sleep with our pets. Now, some of our Facebook listeners weigh in.  Lisa Nix No pets allowed in my bedroom.

Belinda Walling Every night

Sherry Barnett Nope, not me.

Miranda Harn My dog always sleeps with me and occasionally so does one or two of the cats

Rhonda Hawkins My dog is too hyper....I would never get any sleep if he was in the same room....LOL

Mary Blue Galbraith All the time!

LaDonna Watkins One in the bed with us and one beside the bed! Wouldn't have it any other way!!!!

Carrie Farabaugh Kuegel I sleep with my sweet Miss Stevie every night!

Kimberly Hampton Got two next to me right now.

Krystal Bowlin Every night, my husband and I have a bulldog and beagle which are both spoiled rotten. Our bed is getting pretty crowded now though since I'm also 37 weeks pregnant.

Pam Leonard Bull Mastiff. Thank goodness we have a king size bed!

Jenn Bufkin Three of them in my bed every night.

Michelle Vincent My 2 dogs even have their own pillow still yet, they both end up on my pillow every night. I even have step for my smallest shih tzu to get on my bed so he can come & go as he wants.

Amber Black Yep. 120lb mastiff sleeps at the foot every night. Thank goodness for king size beds :0)

B.j. Gibson Yep, my dog and cat cuddle with us.

Rhea Collignon Cooper I'm actually surprised that the percentage is that low. But the only time my dogs get to sleep with me is when my husband is working nights.

Lou Ann Bearley Yes! And all I have to say about that one is thank goodness they are 2 little yorkies and not 2 labs!!

Kasha Schwartz Phillips Yes, we sleep with our 2 Siberian Huskies.

Julie Griffin Same here, the two of them with the two of us and by 9:30 most nights they start getting restless to go to the big puppy bed.

Angie Mattingly Lol. Not me bc if it isn't my hubby, it is my youngest daughter

Becky Payne Absolutely my baby girl Sophie sleeps with me every night and I love it!!!!!!!

Linda Pekinpaugh Waninger Yes. Sshhh, don't tell her she's a dog, she's unaware