I was nervous enough coming into Friday morning.  I had been on WBKR all week, so my sleep schedule changed back to its old self:  Bed at 2am and up at 1:30 p.m. and to work at 2 p.m.  Now that I am back on WOMI in the mornings it's time to get back to my early schedule.

The reason I was nervous was because, I was a bit afraid that I would be late due to over sleeping.  I tried going to sleep early.  That didn't work.  So finally around 1a.m. I finally get to sleep.  2 a.m. rolls around and I hear this beeping.  It occurred about every thirty seconds, so I jump out of bed and go over to the smoke detector on the ceiling.  I twist it off the ceiling and it's wired to the electricity in the house! WHAT! What happened to the battery powered cheapies? I cant sleep with a recurring beep.  So I take the battery out... It has electricity running to it too, the battery was there in the event the power was out.  So I accidentally unhooked the wires.  I was confident that the house wasn't going to burn down this particular night, plus I was really tired and didn't care.  Slept like a baby for the next two hours.

Up and going at four in the morning.  I flipped on the light in my room and there is a smoke detector hanging from my ceiling by an electrical wire.  Hmm. THAT could start a fire.  It would be awful if I started a fire with the wires that power a smoke detector.  It was like I forgot about getting up two hours prior to unhook it.  It took me a second to remember.

I have some electrical work to do when I get back home.  Should be a blast!!