Something extraordinary will be in the air over Owensboro on August 25th. And I'm only PARTLY talking about the Owensboro Air Show!

In conjunction with the Owensboro Air Show, Cape Air is offering you the opportunity to take a sightseeing tour over Owensboro during grand opening weekend--Smothers Park opens on August 24th. What an incredibly exciting opportunity!

Gotta tell ya, I love flying over ANY city--Dallas, Chicago, Nashville, Vegas. But the only times I've seen Owensboro from the air were the times I took off from and landed at Owensboro Regional Airport. So my views were limited. But Cape Air's sightseeing flights that weekend will give you a bird's eye view--quite literally, I suppose--of Owensboro. Very cool.

Now, the process of winning tickets for a sightseeing tour begins right here. Twelve winners will be selected and the flights will take place, over Owensboro, the morning of August 25th. You may sign up online from August 1st through August 17th.

Good luck!

And get ready for an unbelievably exciting weekend on the river in downtown Owensboro...and OVER downtown Owensboro!