Willy is a very loving and friendly little Spitz/Terrier mix that is about 8-10 months old. He is neutered, up-to-date with routine shots, and house trained.

When we first got him home, he ran like the wind around our backyard, as if he'd never been out of the kennel! He's adapted well to living here and well on his way to being potty trained We've discovered he is a hoarder. He has a doggie bed that he loves to sleep in and hoard toys, bones, and our clothes in, which doesn't leave much space for him. At play, he loves to chew on bones, play tug o war with his toys, and lay in the settee by my side while allowing me to rub his belly. When its time to go to bed, he is as quiet as a church mouse and sleeps through the night. He's a sweet baby. Someone will have a great dog with Willy!

If you are interested in Willy, please contact Sparky at 270-684-4787 or email willy@sparkyrescue.com.

Shelter Information
SparKy, Owensboro, KY