It's been a while since we've heard any speculation about UK head basketball coach John Calipari leaving Kentucky for an NBA job. When he was hired in 2009, tongues immediately began to wag about such a move before one game was even played in his first season.

Now, something has happened in the Big Apple that's created an opportunity for NBA analyst Ken Berger to author a column speculating about the possible next move for the woeful New York Knicks, currently 3-8 on the young season and not at all what where their superstar small forward Carmelo Anthony anticipated them being when we was brought in a few years back to "save the day" for this proud program.

Berger speculates that if the Knicks do not improve, and soon, their coach, Mike Woodson, will be fired and be replaced by an interim coach until they get a hold of John Calipari and get him back on the NBA sidelines. Berger also believes the Knicks would broker and irresistible deal for Calipari, whose last NBA stint, with the New Jersey Nets, was an abject disaster.

CBS Sports' Gregg Doyel also chimes in and ponders the reaction of Big Blue Nation should Calipari make such a decision, under a variety of circumstances.

In the past, when NBA rumors have flown here and flown there, Calipari always steps in and shoots them down and declares his love for Kentucky, which I absolutely do not doubt. So far, he's been quiet on this latest go-round. But that could mean it's a fresh story and he hasn't had time. Or it could mean he no longer chooses to lend credence to such talk.

Or could it mean...?