Gas prices may be soaring; but that doesn't mean our natural desires to travel are going to wane anytime soon. Count me among those whose vacation plans will deeply affected by the price at the pump. Fortunately, there are some amazing opportunities fairly close to home.

On Sunday, I went to Corydon, Indiana and decided to take 66. It's a scenic route and one, I was surprised to realize, I had never taken before. The picture above is of the bend in the Ohio River at Leavenworth. I took it from an overlook I didn't know was there. During the trip I drove through Hoosier National Forest which, I'm sure, is loaded with camping facilities. And that's just it. If you want to simply get away, maybe camping is the idea. There's some beautiful territory around here to take advantage of. If not Indiana, there are incredible Kentucky lakes like Rough River Lake, Nolin River Lake, Lake Malone, and of course Land Between the Lakes. And Mammoth Cave is just about an hour away. If camping isn't your game, there's Holiday World. I mean, the times in which we live are forcing us to rethink many things. But there's no reason we have to rethink fun right out of the equation. I know that's not in my plans. Think about it, if you don't already have something on deck. And I'll see you on the road.