Quick?  Can you name one movie Amanda Bynes has been in?  I can, but only because I thought she was hilarious sucking lollipops and chasing after African-American boys in Hairspray.  Now, let's try this.  Name one really whacked out thing she's done in the last month?  So much easier, right?  That's because just about everyone in American knows who Amanda is now because she has become a complete fruitcake.  She's a bong-throwing, wig-wearing, cray cray wild child who ends up on TMZ on a daily basis.  Yes, this little-known actress has become the center of water cooler talk around the country.  She is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and, apparently, we're right there with her.  But now . . . there's help for all of us who've been sucked into the shame spiral!  And this is pretty dang funny.  WATCH!!  (Oh, and, just a friendly warning, this is definitely PG-13!)