If you know me, then that headline should be the attention-grabber of the decade. But, yes, friends, I have grown tired of eating. Alas, it doesn't mean I WON'T; it just means I'd rather not. Let me explain. You see, it's Thanksgiving that everyone associates with eating. And, why not? In addition to a few other minor things, Thanksgiving's main feature is "The Big Meal." We load up on turkey, dressing, cranberry something, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and marshmallows, and any number of pies. But then we're done. Leftovers go home with people. The turkey that's still hanging around, if any, doesn't last nearly as long as it seems. But, really, it's just that one day. But at Christmas, it lasts for weeks. Hey, I think it's great that cooking and baking are ways that people really get into the holidays.  But, for nearly a month, we've all been festooned with cookies, breads, and candy. Hey, I got into the act as well with my world-famous (and by "world-famous" I mean "my family really likes it") party mix--you can't have too many Wheat Chex. My sister, as is her tradition, made peanut butter fudge and sausage balls. I scarfed. My mom whipped out her mini spice cakes. I scarfed. My nephew got a great big ham from work and then made cherry sauce and raisin sauce for dipping. I scarfed. Hey, I even bought country ham for Christmas breakfast, because that's BEEN Christmas breakfast for as long as I've been able to chew. So, in review, the last several days have been filled with cookies, bread, party mix, fudge, sausage balls, spice cake, TWO different kinds of ham, and fruit sauce. It was all delicious. But, now I'm exhausted. I couldn't think of anything that sounded good for lunch, but I ate it anyway. For dinner, I'm thinking ice water and oxygen--hold the cherry and raisin sauce.