A few months ago we told you about a group of students from Western Kentucky University, Bike 4 Alz, planning to bike across the country in hopes of raising $175,000 for Alzheimer's research. Well, theyare about 1,000 miles into their journey and made a stop here in Owensboro.

They stopped by the studio this afternoon and I really enjoyed their visit. They are SO much fun and I hope that they not only meet, but exceed their goal!

They will be making several appearances in town today and tomorrow starting with Friday After Five tonight downtown. They even have two hometown boys on the team.  

Owensboro High School graduate Dylan Ward and Apollo alum Trip Carpenter are among the bike riders. Let's show them some hometown love!!

They have raised about $40,000 and are needing your help to raise even more! Can you imagine biking 3,000 miles across the country?!? Me neither! But, we can help them to make it.

They will be setting up a booth at tonight's Friday After Five, so drop off a few dollars or alot while you're there.

Tomorrow morning is a great way to meet, greet and encourage them by joining them for a ride on the Greenbelt. Bring your whole family to the Joe Ford Nature Center and be ready to go by 9:00am.

Tomorrow afternoon from 1:00pm - 7:00pm, they will be set up outside of WalMart on Frederica Street taking up donations as well.

It would be great for you to support such a great cause, so make sure to make time to help out Bike 4 Alz.

Good luck boys! We're all pulling for you!