I've been broadcasting for the past two weeks from the WBKR/WOMI Telecom Pioneers Christmas Wish office. It's such a great place to do my show from, because I really get to see the inner-workings of the CW office. Well.... we need YOUR help!! By Monday, we'll have over 900 letters to fill! And, we are really behind in our monetary and toy/clothes donations. So, I decided to uofficially-officially declare this weekend "Stuff the Christmas Wish office"!

While you're out doing your Christmas shopping, why not pick us up an extra item (or 20?!?) We need ALL age groups, boys and girls. Everything from baby necessaties to board games to footballs and babydolls. If it's in the toy aisles, we can use it!

Of course you can adopt a whole family or donate the money for us to fill a certain letter for you.

We also need food, so you can bring that too!

We can't make CW a success without you, our community! So, let's stuff the CW office this weekend!!!

CW is located inside Townesquare Mall (Owensboro) near the rear entrance by Bedland.

Thank you in advance for helping make sure that every child in the Tri-State has a toy under the tree Christmas morning!