Okay, I'm gonna get a little academic with you guys. I was introduced to a website called stumbleupon.com as a means of discovering some interesting topics around which to center some blogs. But it is so much more than a terrific work tool.


When you sign in a create your free account on StumbleUpon, you'll be asked to list your interests. They can be as vast or as narrow as you want them to be. But really try to think of EVERYTHING that interests you. Because once you do and StumbleUpon knows about it, the world is going to open up.

For example, I'm a big college basketball nut, as you may well know. So, the other day, I clicked on that topic and was shown a website called whatifsports.com.

Whatifsports has a feature called SimMatchup that allows you to simulate matchups between any two teams in a given sport from any year. Let's say you'd be curious how a game between the '96 Wildcats and the '12 Wildcats might play out. This feature makes it happen. It's a blast. And it helped me kill and hour--just like that--the day I discovered it.

But you don't have to specify from your list of interests on StumbleUpon. Once you've registered your list, you can just hit the site, click "Stumble!" and StumbleUpon will find something for you. I love this!

Forget boredom.

It's time to stumble!