As some of you may know, I am a huge Superman fan. From comics to TV shows to movies, I like all things Superman. I think it is a mix of the storyline/fantasy element and the symbolism.

This past weekend the newest Superman film, “Man of Steel” opened, and of course I had to see it. I really enjoy the film, but one part stood out to me. I saw this particular scene in the trailer, but it stood out more in the full movie. And it actually didn’t hit me until a few days after I saw the film.

The scene I am referring to is the scene where Superman explains what the symbol stands for. Here is the scene in a clip from the trailer:

This got me thinking, “What do we see as symbols for hope, freedom, etc?” For me, I not only see the Superman symbol as a symbol for hope, I see it as a symbol for morality and justice. I have a friend who sees the Superman symbol as a symbol for freedom and equality.

It is interesting to see how different people view different symbols and how much that is reflected in their life. What is something that you see as a symbol for hope, justice or something similar?