Today marks the 40th anniversary of the 1974 tornado that ripped through several area of Louisville including the historic Crescent Hill area. It was part of one of the most famous tornado super breakouts in weather history. All across the Midwest F-5 tornadoes ripped up land and took lives.

Shortly before it struck, I was leaving WINN Radio's studios located at Third and Broadway in Downtown Louisville. Third was one-way heading south and I as I pulled out, while looking through a very heavy rain I kept a close eye on oncoming traffic -- and wouldn't you know it -- I bumped a small car in front of me. These days if you bump a car not much happens. I was driving a 1974 Chrysler sedan which probably weighed a ton and hit a small VW Karmann Ghia. Later the insurance company totaled the woman's car. Totaled it and I barely bumped it.

The interesting part is when the police arrived to write up a report they were there for only a few seconds when suddenly they dashed for their car and took off leaving my bumped victim and me standing there watching. As they left one yelled, "A tornado just hit Freedom Hall!"

Whaaa?  The lady and I exchanged insurance information and left. Hopefully, this story remains as memorable to her as it does to me.

I lived near Crescent Hill and as I drove home I was really concerned about my two kids. When I arrived they were okay just enjoying the thrill of severe weather as many are prone to do.

No one I know was injured but property damage was extensive.

When you watch the dated video above you get a sense of how primitive the coverage was forty years ago compared to today.

Here is a You Tube link that will show you dozens of stories about the tornadoes that day.

40 years ago.

I wonder if she ever got that car fixed?