I went to college at Western Kentucky University and geography was my minor. So I took a lot of geography classes. All my professors in the department were awesome, but Dr. Trapasso was my favorite. And he loved Kentucky cave systems.

I remember him saying, one time, how he was surprised that more sinkholes hadn't opened up in central Kentucky, considering a massive portion of the area sits on caves.

And, really, there are more cave systems under Kentucky than most people realize. The areas of Mammoth Cave that are open for tourism make up just a fraction. Well, there's the Lost River Cave in Bowling Green. They're everywhere.

So, I was wholly surprised when I heard the news of the sinkhole which had gobbled up Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. I was just surprised that we hadn't heard about something like this before.

And how weird that this could have really happened anywhere and, yet, occurred under a national tourist attraction.

Anyway, surveillance video from the point of the collapse of the Corvette showroom has been released by CNN. You can see it by clicking here.