This morning, we asked our listeners one simple thing: Name something you should never do naked... the responses were HILARIOUS! Check out our favorites and tune in to the Waking Crew with Moon and Chad every morning when we discuss very deep topics like these!
David Parks  Fry bacon

Chad SermonFamily Reunions lol

Brian KendallWeed eat

Karen Ballard Seriously Karen Armes McIntosheverything should be done naked!!! Haha

Shirley Mays Feed the chickens

Katherine ReeseBBQ chickens on 54 to sell

Saundra Daye Snow Iron clothes.... (Don't ask how I know!)

Michelle FischerClimb a tree

Brooke Gunn Morrison Ice skate

Tamara L LillpopPlay cornhole!!!!

Kristi Kirby Jump on a trampoline

Sheila Cravens HopewellPlay squash....Chad!

Dave BolinWake your kids up for school

Rick Nelson Check on your drunk buddy in the next room !!!

Rhea Collignon Cooper Go to walmart.