Florida Gulf Coast Basketball Wins Game with Three Players
So, I was strolling through some social media sites thinking about what I might blog about tonight, and I came across something I've never heard of before. The Florida Gulf Coast Eagles won a summer game with just three players. The Eagles took  on the Providence Storm, a Caribbean profess…
UK vs. UL This Afternoon!
Today is a HUGE day for basketball fans in the Commonwealth.  The University of Kentucky Wildcats are set to resume their rivalry with the University of Louisville Cardinals, coached, as you well know, by former UK coach, Rick Pitino.  Game on!
NASCAR Champ Brad Keselowski Attempts To Shoot Hoops [VIDEO]
I think we've all heard the term "white men can't jump" but newly crowned Nascar Sprint Cup Champ Brad Keselowski gives the saying a whole new meaning. I stumbled upon this video where Keselowski, in a break at a Charlotte Bobcats game, tried to show off his shooting, dri…

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