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Kizzy Thinks a Muppet Attacked Cher’s Head [Audio]
Something has landed on Cher's head!  LOL.  And we all had a hunch she would show up on The Voice wearing something bizarre, didn't we?  She did!  And WBKR Waking Crew regular Kizzy was tuned in (to watch Blake Shelton win his 3rd season in a row) and she  thinks C…
Blake And Luke Got Into Pre-ACM Trouble?!? [VIDEO]
Blake Shelton and (my boyfriend) Luke Bryan did an AWESOME job of co-hosting the ACM Awards tonight! Not to mention the fact that my boyfriend took home to biggest award of the night!
I came across this video of the boys pre-show and got a little worried about why they were in the back of a cop car..…
Stars’ Funny Tweets
The Twitterverse is full of funny folks tweeting. Among them are country stars like Blake Shelton, who is so funny he has I don't know, like a million followers. Last night, he tweeted, "In NYC since Monday ... drunk". True or false, that's funny...
Blake Shelton Announces Free Surprise Concerts
If you are dying to see Blake Shelton perform, we've got one word for you: Twitter. The award-winning, hilarious country crooner has taken to his favorite social media platform this week to announce a few surprise shows to his followers.

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