Superman The Movie Is 35 Years Old [VIDEO]
Before the power went out at my apartment the first time Friday night, I happened upon one of my favorite movies, the original Superman. Yes, this blockbuster was released December 10th, 1978, almost 35 years ago. If you haven't seen the new Superman saga Man of Steel, you may want to revisit t…
How I Survived Netflix (No, I Won’t Be Going Back!)
Ah Netflix, how I've loved it and I've hated it over the last seven years.  The once popular "you rent DVDs, we ship them to your home" service has taken a brutal beating over recent membership fee increases and then today, their stock price dropped due to …
Raiders Of The Lost Ark Turns 30
Tim Whitby/Getty ImagesOn this date in 1981, one of the biggest blockbusters (and sequel makers) of all time was released.  I get simply giddy when I think about Raiders of the Lost Ark, however, I didn't see it in theaters.