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Chad Makes Jaclyn Eat A Sardine! [Video]
A couple of years back, Moon and I were dared to eat sardines live on the air.  And it didn't go really well.  Moon bought a can of sardines that were coated in mustard and they were gnarly!  Mine were coated in some kind of olive oil or sesame oil or peanut oil or motor oil!  Whatever it was, they …
Chad & Moon Perform THE MONSTER MASH Live! [Audio]
Moon & I started a WBKR Waking Crew tradition a few Octobers back.  I love performing the THE MONSTER MASH and can't wait for Halloween to roll around because I get to do it for you guys on the air.  So, this morning, to get you ready for an awesome weekend full of Halloween events, I channeled …
WBKR INSIDER SCOOP: New Dancing With The Stars Cast!
It's official!!  The new cast of Dancing With The Stars was announced last night and the Internet is buzzing about this year's crop of talent!  Hopefully you spared yourself the pain of watching Bachelor Pad to see the official reveal last evening!  After all, no one should be forced to sit through …
My Legendary Day!! (a little late! haha!)
As many of you know, I performed at the Legendary Live Music Fest last Saturday. (Awesome!!) I've had really good intentions of telling y'all about it here all week....then, all of sudden, it's Thursday! Oops! So, anyway...I still wanted to share and I hope you enjoy it!

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