chad benefield

My Legendary Day!! (a little late! haha!)
As many of you know, I performed at the Legendary Live Music Fest last Saturday. (Awesome!!) I've had really good intentions of telling y'all about it here all week....then, all of sudden, it's Thursday! Oops! So, anyway...I still wanted to share and I hope you enjoy it!
Chad and Blake Shelton Have Something in Common
Moon here with my Chad story.  As the tornado sirens blared away last night I called Chad to see if he wanted to get together afterwards to survey the damage, if any. I told him I was safely in the basement and where was he? Outside!! Looking at the clouds and rain and thunder and lightning and…
A Future Star at the Radiothon
Here's Chad with Darren Warren, a NuCorp recording artist whose first single will be out in May. Darren, a former St. Jude patient, helped us find Partners in Hope.