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The WBKR Virtual Tour: The Dave Cave [VIDEO]
Before the WBKR Virtual Tour continues, we find ourselves winding westward down the south hall. It's time to enter The Dave Cave! Yes, it's my office. Enter at your own risk. And don't forget to say "Hi" to the Stooges.
Gag Reflex: Dave Spencer’s Birthday Gifts
My birthday was Saturday, and for years now, I've told everyone I want nothing for my birthday. Most are happy to comply. Most, that is, except for my mother who told me upon hearing that request, "That decision is not up to you." So she still gets me a birthday gift. You know…
Dinner with Dave: Homemade Egg Rolls
It's a new feature (I hope) here at wbkr.com. It's called "Dinner with Dave." And today, to my pleasant surprise, I was greeted with the news that my first such meal would be homemade egg rolls, courtesy of our very own digital doyenne, Ashley Sollars.
See WBKR Air Personalities Age Before Your Eyes
Photos by Dave Spencer I was watching a broadcast on one of the 24 hour news channels and the anchor was reporting about a woman who'd been missing for many years. And they put up a graphic showing what she'd look like today. They obviously had used some aging software for their purposes. I thoug…
Christmas Tree-ditions: Dave Spencer’s Top Three
By now, I would imagine most folks have already put up their Christmas trees. On the WBKR Facebook page, I recently asked about the oldest ornaments on our Facebook friends' trees. And so I started thinking about the ornaments that have always been a part of my family's holiday traditions.…

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