Happy 10th Birthday Facebook! [VIDEO]
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Facebook, Happy Birthday to you!
Yep, it's good ole Facebook's birthday. It's celebrating 10 years of helping to reunite high-school friends, sharing fun family photos and driving people crazy with posts of over-sharing from why you're…
Kip Moore’s Hilarious ACM Campaign
Although the ACM's are still a few months away, every nominated artist is looking for votes for the big win. As I was perusing Twitter Tuesday, I noticed a tweet from Kip Moore...WARNING! This is a little frightening.
Why Are Teens Leaving Facebook? [VIDEO]
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Gotta say, it came as quite a surprise to me when I happened upon a story about the phenomenon--that's what I'm calling it--of teens departing Facebook for other forms of social media.
When Facebook Stalking Goes Wrong
We've all been there. You meet someone new, you want to check out your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, word around the street is that the mean girl from high school got fat... no matter the excuse, you're stalking someone of Facebook. I've said it many times, "Facebook is a legal form of stalkin…
Are You Addicted to Facebook?
Recently, when I had time off, I not only took a break from work, I took a break from Facebook, too. For three days, I didn't look at my news feed one time. And I survived!
What Not to Do on Facebook [VIDEO]
I'm sure if you asked anybody what annoys them about what people do on Facebook, you'd have to sit down for a lengthy conversation. Facebook has given us all license to welcome the entire world into our space.
Are You Obsessed With Facebook Like Me?
To be honest, I wasn't a big Facebook fan at first but it has grown on me. Now it is a big part of my life - just like the 500 million other people who log on to Facebook every day!
On any given day approximately 1 in 13 Americans are logged on to Facebook. Forty-eight percent of people ages 18 to 34…
Woman Posts Awesome Photos From Her Stolen iPhone on Facebook
This day and age, it's just too hard to steal someone's iPhone without getting called out front of the whole internet. One iPhone thief learned that the hard way, when the photos he took on a stolen phone were automatically uploaded to the phone owner's online phone gallery. And the o…

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