Are You Addicted to Facebook?
Recently, when I had time off, I not only took a break from work, I took a break from Facebook, too. For three days, I didn't look at my news feed one time. And I survived!
What Not to Do on Facebook [VIDEO]
I'm sure if you asked anybody what annoys them about what people do on Facebook, you'd have to sit down for a lengthy conversation. Facebook has given us all license to welcome the entire world into our space.
Are You Obsessed With Facebook Like Me?
To be honest, I wasn't a big Facebook fan at first but it has grown on me. Now it is a big part of my life - just like the 500 million other people who log on to Facebook every day!
On any given day approximately 1 in 13 Americans are logged on to Facebook. Forty-eight percent of people ages 18 to 34…
Woman Posts Awesome Photos From Her Stolen iPhone on Facebook
This day and age, it's just too hard to steal someone's iPhone without getting called out front of the whole internet. One iPhone thief learned that the hard way, when the photos he took on a stolen phone were automatically uploaded to the phone owner's online phone gallery. And the o…
WBKR Fans Can Be Hilariously ‘Random’
"How much is the guy who invented toilet paper worth?" "Does Jaclyn Graves like corn dogs?" "Where can I get some Just For Women hair dye for my beard?" "Do you ever feel like a white crayon...put there for a reason but you don't know why?" Pretty random, woul…
New Website Aims to Clean Up Your Social Networking
Every era has its nickname--the industrial age, the electronic age--and I suppose we're living in the "digital age." But I also suppose we could break that down and have a sub-heading and call this the "social media age." With hundreds of millions of Earth dw…
Win an Autographed Guitar from George Strait!
WBKR Facebook fans!  We have an exciting new contest for you at our WBKR Facebook page.  We are giving you the chance to win a guitar autographed from GEORGE STRAIT!  All you have to do to enter is visit the WBKR Facebook page and click on the George Strait contest link...

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