The Top Ten: Chad’s Ranks His Friends’ Halloween Costumes!
My friends just rocked out Halloween.  Seriously.  I had a blast going through Facebook over the weekend and seeing what everyone dressed up as.  Some costumes were hilarious.  Some were clever.  And some were downright horrifying.  I decided to share some of my favorites here at WBKR.com.  I wanted…
Hell on Wheels Stop #1: The Devil’s Attic [Video]
Here at WBKR, we are gearing up for our 2nd annual Hell on Wheels bus!  That's right.  Hell on Wheels II will depart from the WBKR studios on Saturday, October 25th, and we'll be heading to the Louisville area to tour three haunted attractions in one night.  And the first stop is the site of where o…
Hotel Security Cameras Catch Ghost Screaming [Video]
This is CRAZY!!  I saw this footage on Facebook a couple of days ago and I must admit.  I was glued.  Here's the deal.  According to this YouTube post, on September 14th of 2003, security cameras inside the Wingate Hotel in Illinois captured some very disturbing and highly p…
Movement Is On to Move Halloween
I feel like no one knows quite what to do with Halloween...when it doesn't fall on a Friday or Saturday. Having been in radio for many years and on the air on October 31st on many, many occasions, it occurs to me that Halloween kind of throws people when it's on a school night.
Country Stars Share Halloween Pics From Past And Present
Y'all know I love me some Twitter! And, last night some country music artists were tweeting some Halloween pics of themselves. Check out Trisha Yearwood, Miranda Lambert and Brett Eldredge.  Prepare yourself for some old witches, Mickey Mouse and of course... Honey Boo Boo!
WBKR’s Morning Show Monster Mash [Audio]
It's a tradition here at WBKR!  Each Halloween, I round up some background singers and do my rendition of "The Monster Mash!"  In case you missed it on the show this morning, here you go.  They call it the mash . . . and it's a graveyard smash!  Listen…

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