Michael Myers' deeply troubled childhood manifested itself in adulthood when, on one fateful Halloween in Haddonfield, Illinois, he went on a mad, murderous tear through an unsuspecting neighborhood.
KSP’s Halloween Safety Tips and Enforcement
The Kentucky State Police know how excited all of our kiddos are to trick or treat on Halloween, but want to make sure our little ghosts and goblins are safe. Here are some Halloween safety tips from the KSP to ensure your family has a great night out:
Listen To An Audience React To ‘Halloween’ In 1979 [VIDEO]
It set the gold standard for horror movies. It was an independent film. It made Jamie Lee Curtis a household name. And we continue to watch it every Halloween. Even though this clip of an audience in Hollywood watching 'Halloween' in 1979 has existed for a couple of years, I hadn't he…

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