Happy Halloween Weekends

Winner #1 in WBKR’s Goblin Gallery
For weeks, we have been encouraging WBKR listeners to upload their favorite Halloween photos to our Goblin Gallery for a chance to win tickets to Holiday World's Happy Halloween Weekends.  Well, meet our first lucky winners!
Dave’s ‘Treat’ of the Day [VIDEO]
Just once, okay? Just this one time, I'd like to get a pair of these that actually work. I don't get it. I would think that if they got wet enough, they'd be fine and I wouldn't get all that headache-inducing racket. But I would wrong, it seems.
Dave’s ‘Treat’ of the Day
For several years--despite the advent of shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story--a 1996 episode of The X-Files, called "Home," has been the single most disturbing thing I have ever seen on television.
Dave’s ‘Treat’ of the Day
Okay, so this "treat" really won't get me anything but a sense of accomplishment, at long last. When I was a kid, we were a big "board game" family. Our family friends were "board game" families. Our cousins we'd visit in New Mexico wer…
Dave’s ‘Treat’ of the Day
Today, I won't be asking for much. In fact, today I won't even be asking for anything you can hold in your hand or even touch. Well, I guess you COULD touch it, in a manner of speaking. But you'd be sorry.

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