Jaclyn Graves

My Legendary Day!! (a little late! haha!)
As many of you know, I performed at the Legendary Live Music Fest last Saturday. (Awesome!!) I've had really good intentions of telling y'all about it here all week....then, all of sudden, it's Thursday! Oops! So, anyway...I still wanted to share and I hope you enjoy it!
Deborah Allen Visits WBKR
She's had big hits like "Baby I Lied" and "I've Been Wrong Before." And, on Monday, country star Deborah Allen dropped by the WBKR studios for a visit. Jaclyn interviewed Deborah and I was lucky enough to sit in. I met Deborah about 18 years ago when she was doing another radio t…
A Miranda & Blake Wedding Favor!!!
So, if you are a listener of my mid-day show, you'll remember how sad I was that I didn't get to go to Blake & Miranda's wedding. (Of course, it was because I was busy, not because I didn't get an invitation!! Ha!)
Legendary Live — Jaclyn Rocks the Country
WBKR's midday maven Jaclyn Graves is all over Facebook and the Internet. Well, at least three or four comments. Legendary Live was a great concert and the first of many to come. Check back for more photos and recollections of the big day Saturday...
Legendary Live: The Top Ten by the Top Two
A few weeks ago, when Moon, Chad, and myself were planning the new Saturday morning countdown The BKR's Dozen, I mentioned that I was born to do countdowns. As luck would have it, the two acts at the top of Saturday's Legendary Live line-up--Montgomery Gentry and Rodney Atkins--each have five number…
On the road again…
Hey! Just wanted to let y'all know I'll be doing my show on the road today! I'll be at the site for the Legendary Live Music Fest! (You know...the BIG concert that's tomorrow in downtown Owensboro! Featuring me!!, LoCash Cowboys, Brett Eldredge, Jason Michael Carroll, Kellie Pick…
Yes, I’m a Dork…I LOVE my flowers!!
So, my Mom has always been obsessed with our yard. I can remember her coming home from work and watering the yard/flowers for at least an hour and a half!! Seriously!! I always thought she was crazy, and still sometimes do!! Ha! But, now...I get it!!
I’m Ready For Saturday…I think!!
Well, Saturday is the Legendary Live Music Fest!! So excited! Can't believe I'm opening up for LoCash Cowboys, Brett Eldredge, Jason Michael Carroll, Kellie Pickler, Rodney Atkins and Montgomery Gentry!! What?!?
I Ran (& Finished!) My 5K!!
Well... I've been talking...ok, complaining about this 5K for the past three weeks. Well, yesterday was the big day. I got new shoes, a new outfit...I was ready! (Well, sort of!)
My (awesome!) Weekend at Bull Run
So, this weekend, I traveled the 2 hour drive to Columbia, KY. Now, for those of you that know Columbia, let's be honest...it's not much! About 4,000 people, with a heck of a lot of charm!! But, only in size is it small...

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