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Chad & Jac’s St. Jude Song Leak! Hear It Here Now! [Video]
Hey, if Lady Gaga and Madonna can leak their new songs, Jaclyn and I figure we can too!  This is the 4th year we have created original music for our St. Jude Radiothon and, earlier this week, we were in the studio with our buddy, Matt Gray with Gray Sky Music.  So, we decided we would film part of t…
Carsyn Sings Miranda Lambert
So, as most of y'all know, Miranda Lambert is by far my favorite country artist. And, you also know that I have a slightly crazy 2 1/2 year old little girl named Carsyn. Well, combine my two loves and this is what you get!! With an ending that only a toddler could come up with! ;)
Help Me Get Aaron Rodgers On My Show!
Y'all know me, I tend to vary on the random side of things. One day last week (or maybe the week before) I decided that it would be fun to have Aaron Rodgers on the show to dish out Valentine's Day advice. Yes, THAT Aaron Rodgers. The Aaron Rodgers who is the reigning NFL Most Valuable Player, the s…
I Walked The Bridal Show Runway!
Yesterday was the Owensboro Bridal Expo at The Riverpark Center. One day last week, Natalie from The NSalon and Spa called and asked me to be a hair model. This is funny for two reasons; I have terrible hair and I'm not any kind of a model! Ha! But, of course I said yes! And, we had a blast!
Jaclyn’s St. Jude Country Cares Experience: Part I
Last weekend, Chad and I made the five hour trip down to Memphis, Tennessee. It was for the annual Country Cares for St. Jude Kids radio weekend. This was my second year to make the trip and it was amazing! I have learned that any time I'm at St. Jude my heart will leave heavy, but full. A…
Chad & Jaclyn Raid the North 40 Truck Stop! [Video]
A couple of years ago, Barb Birgy and I started the tradition of stopping at the North 40 Truck Stop en route to our annual St. Jude Country Cares Seminar.  See, that event is full of country music stars and participating radio stations can each bring an item to have autographed.   Well, in 2010, Ba…
Why is Moon Jealous of Jaclyn and Chad?
Chad and Jaclyn are in Memphis where lots of stars and radio people So, last night -- at almost bedtime (early for me) I got a text from Jaclyn says, "Guess who we're with?". Oh, no -- can it be???
Girls Weekend Is Good For The Soul
This past weekend I had a girls weekend. (Y'all probably know this, because it's all that I talked about on Friday!) Well, it wasn't quite as good as I was hoping...it was better! I even learned a few things.
Win Lunch at the Miller House with Chad & Jaclyn
Jaclyn and I are PUMPED UP about our brand new PARTY OF FIVE lunch contest.  Every week through March 31st, we are going to be taking listeners to lunch at The Miller House in downtown Owensboro!  If you are lucky winner, you'll get to choose two friends and we'll set up a l…
Bad Day For Our Family Pets
As some of you heard, Tuesday was a rough day for my house and our sweet little kitty, Pippa. Well, turns out, my sister had even worse luck in her house!

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