Jake Owen

Jake Owen As Batman? [VIDEO]
Know why I love social media? Because, you just never know what you're going to see! Last night, Jake Owen posted a video of himself as something I never thought I'd see him as... Batman.
Yep, take a look!
Kenny Chesney Coming To The Ford Center!
Our concert schedule just added a big must-see! Kenny Chesney is bringing "The Big Revival" tour to The Ford Center on Thursday, June 4th! And, he's bringing some awesome supporting guests with him... Jake Owen and Chase Rice! This show is gonna be ridonkulous!
Take A Listen To The “Beachin” Remix! [VIDEO]
This is gonna be one of those "you'll either love it or hate it" songs, ha! You know me, I love me some country music and I love me some rap and r&b, so I'm cool with it. Jake Owen's "Beachin" is the perfect song for summertime and he's released a remix.
Yep... he's added T-Pa…
Can Jake Owen Dunk? [VIDEO]
First reaction... Can Jake Owen dunk a basketball? My initial thought is maaaybe, ha! He does appear to be athletic and I'm pretty sure he's a surfer. What do you think??
Take a look at this Instagram video he posted and find out!

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