Jake Owen

Jake Owen and Thomas Rhett Race Tri-Cycles Backstage [VIDEO]
Sure, the life of a country music star can seem like an awesome, adventure-filled ride, but in reality it can be quite different. There is ALOT of downtime and sometimes these guys and gals will do just about anything to have something fun to do.
Jake Owen and Thomas Rhett are out on the road togethe…
Jake Owen’s ‘Beachin’ [VIDEO] Leaves Questions
Here I was, just watching Jake Owen's latest video for 'Beachin' and just thinking about how nice it would be to be at the beach right now. The video perfectly matches the feel of the song and then at the end, I gasped!
It features a couple enjoying the beach, but at the end... well, j…
Jac Interviews Big O Music Fest Headliner Jake Owen [AUDIO]
I had the pleasure of interviewing Jake Owen this past week. We talked about his recent finger injury, the Number 1 celebration party that drew 20,000 fans to Nashville and his upcoming show at The Big O Music Fest.
The main thing I took from this interview is how much Jake loves and appreciates…

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