Jason Aldean

Why Is Jason Aldean Stalking Me?
I didn't really know how to address this, but it's time to let everyone know... Jason Aldean is stalking me. Seriously y'all, it's a problem. It's been going on for several months now and I'm not sure how to deal with it.
Sure, it's not the worst thing that could ha…
Jason Aldean Makes Huge 2014 Tour Announcement
Jason Aldean has been tweeting some hints recently as to a big announcement regarding 2014. Well, today, he let the cat out of the bag! He is going to be adding lots of really, really cool venues to his 'Burn It Down' tour this spring and summer.
Check out the full story from Billy Dukes...
Man Killed Leaving Jason Aldean Concert
A 33-year-old Pennsylvania man was struck by a car and killed as he was leaving a Jason Aldean concert on Sunday (Aug. 25). Police say Michael Sanders of Dunmore, Pa. was leaving the show at Montage Mountain when he was hit by an Jeep.
Jason Aldean’s “Night Train” [VIDEO]
Jason Aldean fans, get excited! Here's a new video for you! Check out his video for his latest single, "Night Train". This song is probably one of my favorite Aldean songs since "The Truth", I pretty much love it! The video is just as great! It takes you behi…
Jason Aldean Pimps the Ride He Got From Luke Bryan
What's even better than a bright red 1976 Bronco? According to Jason Aldean, it's a seriously pimped out 1976 Bronco -- complete with a leather interior and embroidered Jack and Ace playing cards on the headrest of each seat. Now, that's a pimped ride.

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