Kentucky State Fair

Meet the FFA Green River Regional Stars for 2014 [Video]
There's a great display at the Kentucky State Fair that showcases the FFA's 2014 regional stars.  And the Green River Region is well-represented by Jesse Thompson from Apollo High School, Eric Thomas from Owensboro Catholic High and Van T. Daugherty from Butler County.  Check out their displays and …
Chad And Jac Find Their Sweet Treats [VIDEO]
What's a fair food experience without sweets? Ridiculous! Luckily, Chad and Jac have located what they've wanted ever since arriving this morning at the Kentucky State Fair. Presenting "The Great American Snack Off"!
Chad and Jaclyn Get State Sealed [VIDEO]
This is a neat booth at the Kentucky State Fair. Sponsored by the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission, you and a friend can get your photo taken as part of the Kentucky state seal. You know Chad and Jac had to get in on it. Watch!
FFA Green River Area Regional Stars
Chad Benefield rolls on at the Kentucky State Fair bringing you all the updates from all the corners of the 2014 Kentucky State Fair.  Take a look at what chad is up to lately up in Louisville.  The FFA Green River Area Regional Stars are on point up at the fair...
Chad Finds Rabbits – KY State Fair [VIDEO]
The festivities begin at the Kentucky State Fair!  10 days of wonderful Kentucky fun.  Chad Benefield made the trip up to Louisville and will be hanging around there with the rest of the crew.  H-D Farms in Mackville are featured today in our video below...

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