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Lee Brice “Drinking Class” [VIDEO]
If you've worked your butt off all week long and deserve a drink, raise your hand! That's right, get em up! This Lee Brice video for "Drinking Class" is the perfect anthem for all us workin' folks.
So, go ahead... pour yourself a drink, congrats on the work week gone …
Lee Brice Video Shares Footage From His Wedding [VIDEO]
Lee Brice's latest single "I Don't Dance" is pretty dang perfect. From the first time I heard it, I knew that I'd always love it. His vocal performance is enough to make it great, but after seeing the video, it's on a different level.
Lee shares footage from his …
Lee Brice and Wife Welcome Baby Boy
I love country music and I love brand new babies... so, put those two together and I'm one happy camper! Lee Brice and his wife just welcomed another baby boy to their family! I'd say this is one household and tour bus that will never be the same!
Amanda Hensel has the full story...

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