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Is Jaclyn Over Luke Bryan? [VIDEO]
I have been debating over the last few days on whether or not I was going to make a video for Luke. Yes, Luke Bryan... My baby-daddy, my once-upon-a-time boo, that Luke. Anyone that knows me or has ever listened to my Midday Show knows that I love Luke. (In a completely harmless fan-type of love, of…
Tickets Added For Upcoming Luke Bryan Show
Did you miss out on getting tickets to see Luke Bryan at The Ford Center on February 11th? I know, they sold out quickly! Well, you're in luck! They've just released additional seats for the show, but you'd better get yours fast!
Long-Lost Photo Resurfaces: Jaclyn and Her Baby Daddy? [PHOTO]
I don't know about y'all, but when I get tagged or mentioned in a photo from someone I don't know very well, I get a little nervous. I instantly get flashbacks from all those Spring Break trips in college, just praying it's not a picture from the beach, ha! Earlier in the week, someone mentioned me …

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