march madness

2017’s Best Cities for College Basketball Fans
Which destinations are the very best for hoops enthusiasts? put together a list of the Best Cities for College Hoops Fans and the Lexington made the list! There’s a very good reason why they aren’t ranked higher.
My Bloody Brackets!
In my 13 years here at WBKR, I have acquired quite a reputation for doing very well in the NCAA Tournament pool.  I have won the jackpot a couple of times and am almost always a force in the final weekend of action.  But, as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end . .…
March Gladness
Sound the trumpets! The best three weekends in sports have arrived! It is the NCAA Basketball Tournament! You'll have to forgive the apoplexy; I do this every year. Let the Golden Eagles and the Blackbirds fly! Get your Boilers Made and your Heels Tarred! March Madness is here!!!!!