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Mindy McCready Funeral and Memorial Plans Revealed
It's been almost a week since country singer Mindy McCready tragically took her own life at the tender age of 37. The country music community was rocked to its core over the loss of this once-promising talent who was on a downward spiral in recent years with substance abuse and family issues, hittin…
Mindy’s Farewell Song
This statement from Mindy McCready's media rep, Nashville Country Club.
It is with the deepest sadness we say goodbye to an extraordinary and gifted talent, a daughter, a mother and friend, Miss Mindy McCready.
Our attention at this time is devoted to the needs and care of Mindy's family...
Moon Remembers Mindy
It is such a sad waste when a human being takes his or her own life. Sometimes -- as in the case of Mindy McCready -- the stresses of living can become so overwhelming they think suicide is the only answer. I didn't know Mindy well, but I spent enough time with her to know I liked her...
Mindy McCready Released From Treatment Facility
Mindy McCready is back home, but her sons are not. The singer was released from a treatment facility and will undergo 21 days of outpatient treatment, although sources say drug and alcohol tests revealed nothing suspicious.