Carsyn’s Pet Fish Died And We Had It A Proper Burial [VIDEO]
We all know that I'm not great at keeping pets alive at our home. Don't judge me people, it just tends to go bad, ha! But, Carsyn got a pet fish, Orangy and it had a good run. But, like they say, all good things must come to an end.
So, when we checked on Orangy the other day and realized he had gone…
Bad Day For Our Family Pets
As some of you heard, Tuesday was a rough day for my house and our sweet little kitty, Pippa. Well, turns out, my sister had even worse luck in her house!
Guilty Dog Barks First
Moon here. I just saw this for the first time yesterday. Being a dog lover I have to share. Over 4,000,000 You Tube views so far!
Cat Got Your Tongue…or Your Arm or Your Leg?
My dad didn't like cats, but we had one anyway. When I was in high school, a gray stray wandered into our yard and my visiting great uncle took an immediate shine to him. Just like that, we had a cat. My uncle's name was Austin, and so then was the cat's. But Dad never forgot why he d…

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