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Dave Spencer Tackles Giant Slide at Pogue Chrysler [VIDEO]
It's Customer Appreciation Days at Pogue Chrysler in Greenville. They're serving
barbecue sandwiches, hotdogs and hamburgers and they're absolutely free. Oh, I
forgot to mention the sliders. But that's a do-it-yourself arrangement, thanks
to the giant 18 foot inflatable slide...
Steve Horn At Pogue Chrysler In Greenville Friday
Hi this is Steve Horn in for the vacationing Dave Spencer, join me as I broadcast live from Pogue Chrysler in Greenville Friday August 12th, from 2 to 7pm! We will be talking about all the great deals on vehicles at Pogue Chrysler in Greenville, make plans to stop in and see me &a…
A Thought for Your Pennies
Every Friday this calendar year I have been and will continue to be at Pogue Chrysler in Greenville or Pogue Chevrolet in Central City for a live road show. A few weeks ago, I noticed something hanging over the door of one of the sales offices at Pogue Chevy. It was a bag of water with three pennies…