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‘Top Chef’ Goes to Rupp Arena for Challenge
We know Top Chef is currently filming season 16 in Kentucky and we know Padma Lakshmi has tried out all kinds of food around Louisville, but we now know where at least one of the quick fire or elimination challenges will take place.
Rupp Arena Wants You To Name Their New Scoreboard [VIDEO]
UK fans know Big Blue Madness is this Friday, but what they may not know is that the new huge, video scoreboard in Rupp Arena needs a name. Huh? The Lexington Center is holding a public contest to name the new scoreboard. Yes, this is happening. Here it is so you can start brainstorming!
Could Rupp Arena Be on Its Way Out?
What are the characteristics of a “legend”? First, I think a legend can be anyone or anything. John Wayne was a legend. The Ford Mustang is a legend. “I Love Lucy” is a legend. I wanted to make sure you understood my personal definition of a legend, because I’m going to throw a legendary structure i…
Taylor’s Close . . . But No Cigar!
We have some exciting news for you Taylor Swift fans out there!  Taylor has just released some additional dates on her 'Speak Now" World Tour!  I combed over the list of new dates to see if Taylor was going to grace us with her presence . . .