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Get Sara Evans’ Corn Casserole Recipe
Friday, Nashville Kat spilled the beans . . . or rather . . . the corn . . . about Sara Evans' new casserole recipe.  As you'll recall, it was about a month ago that she raved about Sara's tomato pie recipe.  That particular creation sounded amazing and it was.  I made it.  A bunch of you made it.  …
Nashville Kat’s Sara Evans Tomato Pie!
Nashville Kat told Chad and me about this incredible recipe she found from Sara Evans. Woo dogies, easy to make and quick to bake. If you try it let us know.
Sara Evans Tomato Pie
Unbaked pie crust
2 layers sliced ripe tomatoes
Pepper to taste
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
Layer ingr…
Sara Evans Set to Perform National Anthem During NBA Finals
Tonight's a big night for Sara Evans as she performs the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ on national television.
Yesterday, the singer shared that she is scheduled to perform prior to game two of the NBA Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat. The performance will be televised during th…
WBKR’s HOTTEST Male & Female Country Artist
So yesterday on my Midday Show, we discussed how a certain magazine (we won't mention any names) basically got it wrong on their list of Country's Hottest Men. So, we had our own poll! And, once we got into it, the guys wanted in on the action. Of course, we had to have a Hottest Female aw…
My Wife Celebrity Look-A-Like [VIDEO]
Proud to say the woman on the left is my wife and the woman on the right of course is country singer Sara Evans, do you see the resemblance? I do!  Do you know someone who looks like an actor, actress, country or rock star? If you have a picture we would love for you to share it on our WBK…
Sara Evans’ Attorney Issues Apology
Sara Evans' 2006 divorce from Craig Schelske was never pleasant. And she has since married former University of Alabama football star Jay Barker. But some sleeping dogs just won't lie; some have to get up and issue apologies to ex-husbands...
Sara Seeking Surrogate???
Ok, so maybe, maybe not...Sara Evans and her hubby Jay Barker have 7, yes I said7! kids between the two of them. But, so far, none together...Apparently Sara does not do pregnancy well and said she and hubby would love to have a baby between the two of them, but maybe a surrogate is the way to go...

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