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Sparky Rescue Pet — Damon
Well, then let's introduce ourselves. I'm Damon Dog.
Dream Copy
I am a little (so far!) Cattle Dog/Labrador retriever mix. My parents were very busy cattleing and labbing.
Me and my brother were born about ten weeks ago. We like it here but need a permanent, loving home...
WBKR’s Sparky Rescue Pet of the Week
Well, hello. My name is Willow and I am the mother of eight new puppy dogs. Believe me -- Eight IS Enough!  Time to take them off my paws and for that matter, take me, too.  We are all looking for new homes and each is prepared to go our separate ways...
I’m Missy, Your Sparky Pet of the Week
Missy’s the name, adopting's the game. I am here from Sparky Rescue. Check out my stats:
Breed: Dachshund/Terrier. Not bad, huh? I am a lovely shade of brown with a chocolate dash for good measure. I am young, small -- a petite 25 lbs or less ...
Bahb Is Sparky Pet of the Week
Hello, I am Bahb. That's right. B-a-h-b, pronounced Bahb. A little doggie humor there.  You know, I didn't name me.  Sparky Rescue did. But they are so nice I don't care
I am a special fellow. Elvis sang about …
Doodle Dog on WBKR Thursday Morning
Howdy, my name's Doodle. Kinda like Loretta Lynn's late husband, Doo.I am a Yorkie, which means I think a lot of myself. You will, too. Yorkshire Terriers like me -- what? -- I am "Mix"!!??
Well, I am still gorgeous.  Silver and Tan - those are Yorkie colors - so, the…

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