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Taylor Swift Jams with The Rolling Stones [VIDEO]
If guess if you're a musician of any kind, getting to perform with The Rolling Stones would be a dream come true. Maybe a little flipping out would be involved? Maybe a little "let me sit down and process this" might come into play?
First 2013 CMT Music Awards Performers Announced
Fans everywhere are looking forward to the 2013 CMT Music Awards, which are coming up in June. The first country music awards show to let fans vote for their favorites, the yearly event also features live performances by some of country's biggest artists -- and this year is no exception.
Tim McGraw Addresses Distracted Driving In Latest VIDEO
I like to think that I don't drive and text. I like to think that I am a safe driver and keep distractions to a minimal. Truth is, I do sometimes send a quick "I'm on my way" or "LOL" response. I've seen the commercials pleading drivers to not text and drive. I was just behind a …

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