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Taylor Swift to Open the 2013 Grammys
Taylor Swift fans will want to tune in at tonight for the 2013 Grammys. That's because the singer is opening the show! That's a big deal -make that huge- and the powers that be are saving the best for first, as opposed to last.
Taylor Swift Wants to Live More Quietly
The stage is probably the only place you’ll find Taylor Swift partying, and that sentiment comes from the star herself. It seems she’d prefer attention only when there’s a guitar in her hand and she’s swinging her long blonde locks for …
Chad’s Worst Five Country Songs of 2012 [Video]
Yesterday here at WBKR.com I published my list of the Top Ten Songs of 2012.  Today, I am publishing my list of the Worst Five!  I realize that, anytime someone publishes a list like this, it can strike quite a nerve, but you can't have the best without the worst and here goes!  …
We’re Back to December and This is a Weird Month
Why, you ask. Why? Well, I shall tell you why. But first ...
Watch Taylor sing "Back to December".
Or, for a radical change of pace, Merle Haggard's "If We Make it to December'
You can also choose your own from a wide variety of sources.
And, now why is December so W…
Taylor Swift Announces 2013 Red Tour
In a week that saw Taylor Swift sell a million copies of her latest album 'Red', what's next but a tour of course. And as you'll see in Amy Sciaretto's story, Swift will make stops in Louisville, Lexington, and end the leg with a 3-night stand in Nashville. Check it out!

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