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Was Tim Tebow in Owensboro Friday?
All week Life Community Church tried hard to get Tim Tebow to come to Owensboro for their "Night to Shine" event on Friday. Well... Owensboro went crazy when they saw Tebow's Instagram photo last night!
Tim Tebow Draws Thousands To Texas Easter Service [VIDEO]
If you're a sports fan, or if you've just had your tv turned on in the last year, you know who Tim Tebow is. Sure, maybe you know him from his National Championship days at Florida, or know him from his amazing, clutch comebacks for his previous team, the Denver Broncos... but, more than likely, you…
Tim Tebow And Tebowing Invade Pop Culture [VIDEO/POLL]
ESPN's Skip Bayless may be overreacting, but who knew Denver Broncos quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow would have such a huge impact on pop culture in 2011? Wait, shouldn't he have an impact on the NFL? He does, but he's created something bigger.