Moderate Risk for Severe Weather Today
It's week three of severe weather season in the tri-state and, today, we face our first substantial threat of the spring.  This afternoon and evening variables are expected to line up for an event with damaging straight line winds and possible tornadoes embedded in a squall line.  Get…
Revisit Owensboro’s 2000 F-3 Tornado [Video]
I remember January 3rd, 2000 very well.  It was a holiday here at WBKR studios and I had worked for a couple of hours early that morning.  By that afternoon, it was sunny.  Our temperatures were hovering near 80 degrees and I was ready for a big afternoon nap.  That nap was cut short.  Cut short by …
Amazing Footage of West Liberty, KY Tornado [Video]
YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!  My Facebook friend, Nathan Nelson, posted this video yesterday.  It's of a massive funnel cloud swirling overhead in West Liberty, KY.  As you know, that town was hard hit by the twister you are to see.  But what makes the video even more powerful is the woman in it.  She sta…
Tornadic Storm Takes Out Signs Near WBKR Studios
We were listening to and watching the Eyewitness News severe weather coverage. It got windy, and then, very suddenly, horizontal rain and hail blasted the WBKR parking lot. Steve Horn's pickup truck moved sideways about 6 to 8 inches and filled up with ice pellets.
Are You Prepared? Watch This Tornado Preparation Video
Tornado Preparedness
The weather situation is shaping up to be an interesting one this afternoon and evening and considering the damage thus far this severe weather season now is the time to prepare. Here is a video I thought illustrated the basics of safety most especially in a tornadic event...
Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado Footage
Tuscaloosa Alabama Tornado
If you have not seen this yet you will not believe your eyes. With the last week of consistent severe weather and flooding that is still affecting portions of the tri-state, this is the kind of footage that reminds us just how much we are at the mercy of mother nature.
My “Twisted” Obsession
I am sitting at home this afternoon streaming WBKR on my computer.  I just heard Dave Spencer chat with WEHT meteorologist Wayne Hart about this evening's MODERATE risk of severe weather.  We're expecting heavy rains, thunderous storms, dangerous lightning, powerful straight-line winds, and even pos…