My First Time Giving Blood [PHOTOS]
I had a first on Wednesday. I donated blood to the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center via their Bloodmobile. I've only had blood work done once, and it was about a month ago. Yes, I'm a newbie at having needles stuck in my arm, well, I'm saying new since I haven't had a flu s…
Sorgho Fire Department Hosting Blood Drive This Week
As we all know, summertime proves to turn into a huge demand for blood. How long has it been since you've last donated? If you can't remember, it's been too long! Well, here's your chance to give back!
The Airport Sorgho Fire Department, alongside of the Western Kentucky Regional …
WKRBC’s “Pump Up The Volume” Blood Drive Event!
The Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center invites you to "Pump Up The Volume"!
The summer time always proves to be a big need in blood supply. Kids are out of school, families are traveling more and we're all outside more than normal which leads to a greater need for blood.
This Week On The Midday Show
Once again, Monday is already here! Oh well, that's ok... it's going to be a great week!
I have $10 Dairy Queen gift cards to give away, that is if I don't keep them for myself! ;)
On Tuesday, Chad, Dave Spencer and myself are heading to Nashville with a whole bunch of interns to bring …
Local Blood Drives This Week
With the holidays here, the Western Kentucky Blood Center needs your help. They are in need for all blood types, but specifically O- and O+. There are several blood drives this week around the Owensboro area.
WKRBC In Need of O-Blood Donors
The Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center is in need of O- blood donors. The office is located at 3015 Old Hartford Road in Owensboro. Office hours are The holidays are always a very critical time for WKRBC, demand is always up.
WKRBC “Pump Up The Volume”
I took my Midday Show on the road Tuesday to the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center. It's the summer kick-off blood drive, Pump Up The Volume. And, y'all know me....I just had to get involved! So, of course, I donated blood while I was there...LIVE on the air!!